1.5 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches

  • THRIVE Natural Moisturizing Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30, 2 Ounces – Lightweight Moisturizer Broad-Spectrum Natural…

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    LIGHT MINERAL FACE SUNBLOCK WITH 20% ZINC OXIDE – Eco friendly reef safe non-nano Zinc Oxide containing formula, creates a physical barrier to the sun and is a safe & healthy alternative to chemical sunscreens. Light formula leaves no white cast and is fast absorbing, non-greasy, non oily & non-sticky. Matte finish, non-tinted mineral sunscreen
    SUN DEFENSE & REPAIRING FACE MOISTURIZER – All natural daily face lotion with SPF 30 hydrates, nourishes, and revitalizes skin while providing broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. Anti-oxidant infused sun block formula for men and women helps repair skin damaged by sun and environmental stressors
    EFFECTIVE NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Powered by Thrive’s anti-oxidant rich Costa Rican super-plants, Juanilama and Fierrillo, combined with Arabica coffee oil, Wakame seaweed, and Tazman pepper. Thrive’s plant-derived formula helps reduce irritation and redness while repairing skin from sun exposure, shaving, pollution, and daily stressors